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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are these pendants real designer? 

A: Yes. Each piece is hand selected by me and has an article of authentication. I only use real Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Cartier, etc. There are no fakes ever. 


Q: How do you repurpose your items?

A: These pieces come from vintage- luxury jewelry, clothing, charms, bags, etc. once purchased, I remove the item from what it is attached to, solder, modify, fix, clean and disinfect them. I then redesign the piece to how I envision, thus bringing new life to it. 


Q: Is the gold you use real? 

A: Yes, each additional element added to the jewelry is real gold, gold filled or gold plated. Gold filled and gold plated jewelry has layers of gold bonded to the outside of a metal - my choice is usually sterling silver or steel- and I choose to start the karats of the bonding at 16K. Assorted chains are pure gold depending on which wholesaler is used (Note that this will make the item more expensive if/when pure gold is used).

No green necks or wrists over here! 


*Please note in your order before you purchase if you have a specific metal allergy to steel or silver and need a certain type of metal used. We are flexible and can customize the chain to your liking. 


Q: Will these items be restocked?

A: Item restocks are based on availability of that item. Some of the pieces I find are so rare, that you might be the only person to have that piece. There is no guarantee for a specific item restock, however, if you turn your post notifications on, I will frequently update my page with restocks and new arrivals.

*An email list is also coming soon if you’d like to be updated that way.

Q: How long does shipping and handling take?

A: Please allow for 1-2 Business days for processing, and 3-8 Business days for shipping within the US. International shipping can take anywhere from 5-20 Business days for shipping and delivery. This also depends on the shipping speed you choose. You will more than likely receive your items much quicker than the allotted days, however, due to COVID-19, many shipping services might delay your order. Once you receive your tracking number, you can track where your order is.


For any additional questions, please email We will respond within 24-48 hours.

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